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Watercolour Paintings by Don Lavelle
The majority of these watercolours were created and painted on site by Don Lavelle and are artistic interpretations of each subject. Click on an image to open a larger version of a painting. Commissioning a special work or purchasing one of these high quality paintings is easy, just contact Don Lavelle and we will do the rest. Paintings tagged as 'private collection' are not for sale but arrangements can often be made to create a similar one if desired.

pontentilla flower study

Symonds Yat by the River Wye
"Flower Study: Potentillal Frusicosa"
Watercolour, 28 by 26cm

Don sat by the potentillal shrub and painted this watercolour directly.

"Symonds Yat Looking South"
Watercolour, 43cm by 31cm

A peaceful view of the River Wye looking downstream at a popular spot.

River Wye at Brockweir

ships in a storm
"The Wye At Brockweir"
Watercolour, 47cm by 37cm

Don once said that "this is the most beautiful view in the world". It was, to him, at the time.

"Ships In Storm"
Watercolour, 26 by 32cm

 This painting was created in the studio from a study of old prints, Admiralty drawings, photographs and a model made by the artist.

in the barn at Spout House Farm

a Venetian palace doorway
"In Our Old Barn".
Watercolour, 30 by 25cm
private collection

Don aimed to capture the rustic, timelessness and warm atmosphere inside this old Lancashire barn.

"Venetian Palace".
Watercolour, 25 by 32cm

This painting was created in the studio from several photographs taken by the artist.
River Wye at Monmouth

River Ribble bridge at Easter
"The Wye Bridge Near Monmouth Rowing Club"
Watercolour, 52cm by 35cm

A view on the edge of Monmouth town.

"Enjoying The Day: By The River Ribble"
Watercolour, 26cm by 29cm

Don re-created this summer scene in watercolour from sketches and several photographs.

Alison in our field

Bill's old tractor
"Contemplation: Alison In A Poppy Field "
Watercolour, 22 by 29 cm

Alison modelled for a direct painting from life and the landscape was added later.


"Retirement: Bill's Tractor"
Watercolour, 33 by 26cm

Don was allowed access by his neighbour to paint in the corner of one of his fields. The hens belonged to another neighbour and were added at later stage.
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