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Paintings of Romsey by Don Lavelle
These watercolours were painted on the streets and in the buildings of Romsey by Don Lavelle and are sincere artistic re-creations of this outstanding part of the United Kingdom.
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Romsey market Place from the Town Hall

Romsey Abbey choir screen
"Our Romsey: Market Place From The Town Hall"
Watercolour,  50cm by 35cm
price unframed 495

A view from the front of Romsey Town Hall showing the variety of historic buildings in the centre of the town. Detail of a building can be seen by clicking here.

"Our Romsey: Abbey Interior Study"
Watercolour,  32cm by 26cm
price unframed 495
Don particularly enjoyed this subject because, during his painting sessions, he was entertained by organ practices and school concert rehearsals.

Romsey White Horse Hotel courtyard

Romsey market day
"Our Romsey: The White Horse Hotell"
Watercolour,  37cm by 51cm
sold - private collection

Don set his easel in the courtyard to paint the details of this historical Romsey hostelry.

"Our Romsey: Market Day"
Watercolour, 47cm by 35cm
price unframed 495

Market days in Romsey make lively scenes and Don visited several times to paint this watercolour on the spot.
Romsey Abbey interior

Romsey King John's Garden
"Our Romsey: Abbey Interior"
Watercolour,  34cm by 49cm
sold - private collection

The artist set his easel under the west window and spent many hours studying and painting to create this watercolour.

"Our Romsey: Quiet Moments At King John's Garden"
Watercolour,  33cm by 48cm
price unframed 495

Don created this aspect of King John's Garden over several on-site sessions and a friend came along at the right moment and sat for her portrait.

Romsey Saddler's Mill

Romsey Abbey St Anne's Chapel
"Our Romsey: Sadler's Mill"
Watercolour,  49cm by 34cm
sold - private collection

An accurately restored 17th century mill, now occupied.

"Our Romsey: St Anne's Chapel in the Abbey"
Watercolour,  26cm by 32cm
price unframed 495

The artist captured the timeless atmosphere of this area of Romsey Abbey, with one of the staff giving life and scale.

Romsey United Reform Church archway

Romsey Market Place after the rain
"Our Romsey: Archway To The Park"
Watercolour,  36cm by 53cm
price unframed 495
The artist stood outside the town hall to paint a view of the 19th century Congregational Church archway which leads down to the Memorial Park.

"Our Romsey: Market Place After The Rain"
Watercolour,  53cm by 37cm
price unframed 495
This vista of the Market Place was composed mainly from one spot but many details were added from studies taken close up by each building.

Romsey Abbey font

Romsey Abbey from King John's Garden
"Our Romsey: Abbey Font"
Watercolour, 33cm by 53cm
price unframed 495

"Our Romsey: The Abbey From King John's Garden"
Watercolour, 33cm by 53cm
price unframed 495

The artist removed a building which obscures part of the Abbey. Hidden details were obtained from a location a little closer to the Abbey.
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